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Tutu Pikin 'Born of Africa'

Tutu Pikin is a luxury brand delivering beautiful apparel that captures and transcends the time-honoured fabrics that deeply embed the hearts of many Africans. 

Our focus is on producing modern, heirloom quality apparel, at affordable prices. Each piece is unique and breathes an effortless, chic, inimitable style that can be worn for years to come. 

The vivid designs pay homage to Africa and all its splendour—they are bold, and playful; and sure to become one of yours and your child’s favourite ‘go-to’ outfits—one that will be cherished and passed down from one generation to the next. 

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Classic British Tailoring
Compliments African Artistry 

All of our clothes are impeccably manufactured and individually cut, by hand, in the UK. Cotton trimmed tonal piping and Akoya mother of pearl buttons are expertly applied to compliment the hand-painted and hand-dyed African fabric. 

An African Narrative
Crafted & Curated, in Africa, by Africans Artisans

These beautiful garments are crafted from hand-painted and hand-dyed fabric. The fabric is made in Africa by African artisans, using 100% subtly woven premium cotton damask.  

The bold designs blur the lines between day and night, making them suitable for sleeping as well as playing and partying.

 The fabric has been tested and scrutinised to ensure that it complies with all relevant national and international health and safety regulatory standards.



While many believe that Tie-dye is a modern phenomenon, thought to have been invented in the United States, during the hippie period of the mid-1960s, the earliest written record dates back to ancient Asia.

Much like Asia, Africa has a rich history in tie-dyeing that has been practiced on the continent for centuries. In fact, artisans in the Northern region of Nigeria are renowned, even today, for their meticulous use of indigo dye pits.

Whilst tie dyeing in West Africa remains commonplace, very few artisans continue to use the traditional age-old techniques that were passed down by our forefathers—the end product is one that will remain a key part of Tutu Pikin’s brand identity and ethos.


Batik is an ancient art form of decorating cloth using wax and dye. The intricate technique predates written history, and is thought to have originated in Java, Indonesia, during the 6th or 7th century.

The origin of batik in Africa can, at times, be confusing. Although modern history would suggest that batik was introduced to Africans, by Dutch and English merchants, in the 19th century, the batik making process was practiced in Africa long before the arrival of colonial powers. 

Today, the art of wax-resist dyeing is highly developed, and outside of Java, some of the most beautiful batik fabric can be found in West Africa.

Tutu Pikin Hand-Painted & Hand-Dyed Traditional African Batik & Tie-Dye


Tutu Pikin’s ethos is to make sustainability a crucial part of our DNA, and we endeavor to do this through our people, products and processes; and it starts with Fairtrade. We believe that Fairtrade underpins sustainability, as it can empower developing communities to overcome the social, economic, and environmental challenges they face on a daily basis. In Africa, batik and tie-dye production is an important economic and empowering platform that contributes to the sustainable livelihood of many Africans. Tutu Pikin’s fabrics are meticulously crafted in Africa, by African artisans, most of whom are women, using some of the finest, age-old techniques, passed down by our forefathers. We are committed to ensuring that the Artisans are paid a fair price for their craftsmanship, so that they too can have a positive impact on the environment.

Second to Fairtrade is eco-consciousness. Tutu Pikin is eco-friendly and strive to be a minimal waste company that adheres to the slow fashion movement. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful, heirloom quality products that are expertly made, and not trend driven. We take great efforts in being ethical, whilst at the same time, delivering lasting value for our customers.

Last but by no means least, we are big proponents of recycling, and are committed to using materials that can be broken down naturally without causing harm to the environment. Thus, our biodegradable packaging is made from highly recyclable materials.

We have a clear vision of what we would like our ESG contribution to be, and endeavour to be transparent, as we grow and move forward, jointly with our partners.


Tutu Pikin Founder and Creative Director, Tuvie Ejoh-Nendick, is a British born, second generation West African. She lives in London with her husband, David and two young children, Arthur and Dorothy.

After more than a decade of working in the Financial Sector, Tuvie decided to go back to her ‘creative’ roots. She had spent most of the nineties and early 2000s working as A&R Director, at Island Records, in NYC, before returning to London in 2003.

In 2004, Tuvie embarked upon a career in International Finance, which enabled her to spend several years travelling to West Africa. It was during one of her trips to the continent that she began to truly appreciate the extraordinary beauty, flair, and practicality of traditional, indigenous attire.

In 2018, Tuvie had her first child and naturally started looking for baby clothes that would reflect her African heritage. She searched high and low, but could not find any classic, high-quality clothes that paid homage to her roots, as well as reflected her own unique style. The result was a desire to create Tutu Pikin—a brand made in England, but with its heritage proudly rooted in Africa—a brand that is boundless and 'Born of Africa!'